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Corporate Remittance & Conversion Facilities

Corporate Remittance & Conversion Facilities

STATE BANK OF INDIA, SHANGHAI BRANCH , offer following Remittance/ Conversion facilities/ products for Corporate (Account Holders) :

Facility Currency Destination Documents Required Method Regulations Contact Person
Overseas Remittance In USD and other currencies To India and other Countries Overseas Remittance Form for Corporate SWIFT All outward/ inward &overseas/ local remittances form/ to corporate accounts are subject to detailed local regulations/ production of supporting documents. Supervisor (Settlement & Remittance), 0086-21-54043331 ext. 320 + Senior Asst (Settlement & Remittance), 0086-21-54043331 ext. 343
Local Remittance In USD & RMB To other banks in China Local Remittance Form/ Credit Notes/ Cheques TT/ Credit Notes/ Cheques/ SWIFT
Conversion RMB TO Other Currencies/ Other Currencies - Conversion Form ## - Subject to detailed local regulations (a brief is available on the web site Manager (Treasury), Email:, 0086-21-54051077 (Direct), 0086-21-54043331 ext.331, Dealer, Email : , 0086-21-54051077, 0086-21-54043331 ext. 331

These forms are available on the website>> Downloads

Avail of our completely hassle free and smooth Conversion and Remittance Facilities, and Enjoy The Difference.

Our conversion rates are most competitive & our remittance charges are most reasonable.

We are happy to announce that we are going to commence Derivative Transactions for our Corporate Customers, shortly.

Conversion rates are linked to daily market rates. Corporate Remittance charges are available on this website under (Rate of Interest & Service charges)