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Credit & Trade Finance

Credit & Trade Finance

STATE BANK OF INDIA SHANGHAI BRANCH offers the following Loan and Trade Finance facilities/ products We offer facilities in both FX and RMB (local currency)



All these products are available for both Indian companies operating in mainland China and Chinese Companies, subject to regulations as applicable.

Subsidiaries/Group Companies of an Indian Company operating in China may be given combination of various credit facilities against SLBC/ Guarantee etc. of the bankers of the Parent/Group Company/ and or Corporate Guarantee of the Parent/Group company.



LC Advising Services

Advising of LC’s issued by reputed Indian and International Banks to beneficiaries located in China and other parts of the World. LC’s are advised directly to the beneficiaries anywhere in China or to their banks. We help tracking the LC’s for the applicants and beneficiaries. We specialize in advising LC’s to Banks/ Bene fiduciaries in China, Hong Kong and Macau through extensive network of test key arrangements with Banks in these centers.

Confirmation of LCs

Confirmation by SBI Shanghai reduces significantly the Credit Risk for Bene fiduciary and their Bankers, We add our confirmation to LCs issued by branches of SBI and other reputed Banks at a nominal charge.

Transfer of LCs

We handle Transferable LCs against the original LC received by the beneficiary. The beneficiary can make partial or full transfer to the 2nd beneficiary through our bank.

Transferable LCs issued by reputed Banks is transferred by us 2nd beneficiary and can be negotiated under the security of Master LC or Standby LCs issued by reputed Banks subject to credit arrangement.



Our large network of branches in India and overseas and experienced staff ensure that your import documents are processed and settled without any delay. Our Product range include :

Issuing of Documentary Credits (L/C) s

We assess the requirements for the customers depending upon their business potential. Letters if Credit are issued by us for our clients as per credit arrangement.

Back to back LC

Back to Back LCs are issued under the security of Master LC or Standby LCs issued by reputed Banks subject to credit arrangement. Import Document Collection.

We handle documents drawn on our customers sent on collection basis at attractive prices and in extremely efficient manner.



Buyer’s Credit

Short Term Finance up to360 days from shipment date provided to Indian importers in US $ or in other major currencies at very competitive LIBOR linked rates, under Letter of Undertaking (SBLC) of branches of SBI ang other major Indian Banks. The applicants Bank should send SBLC by authenticated SWIFT in the prescribed format. After availing the facility, the SBLC issuing Bank/ Branch should send acknowledgement of Debt by authenticated SWIFT as per prescribed formats

Finance for capital goods imports to Indian Corporates :

We can also offer longer term Buyers Credit for import of capital Good of up-to three years as per terms of the underlying Letter of Credit. Pricing is attractive and depends on the tenor of the loan and the currency in which the loan is sought.

Export LC Negotiation

We undertake negotiation of documents drawn under LCs of branches of State Bank of India in India and Abroad, all major India Banks, Banks located in other countries in Asia and rest of the world.

Bills Discounting

Documents drawn under LCs of State Bank of India and other Indian Banks in India and other banks located in other parts of the world sent through us to the issuing Bank on approval basis are discounted by us on acceptance. Facility provided at most competitive LIBOR linked Interest Rates.

Export Bill Collection

Using our vast international network countries, we can arrange for collection of your bills as per internationally acceptable regulations viz (UCPDS.)



We can issue Bid Bonds, Advance Payment Guarantees, Shipping Guarantees and other Financial and Performance guarantees on behalf of Corporates in China at negotiated terms.

Guarantees can be issued on behalf of overseas Corporates located outside China against the counter guarantee of their respective Banks.


Following are the contact person for Trade Finance and Credit Business

SHANGHAI BRANCH 1. Head (Trade) Email: 86-21-54051026 (Direct)
86-21-54043331 ext.213
Fax: 86-21-54041803
2. Vice President(Credit)
86-21-54035452 (Direct)
86-21-54043331 ext.304
Fax: 86-21-54041803
3. Manager (Trade Finance & Credit)
86-21-54042787 (Direct)
86-21-54043331 ext.400
4. Manager (Credit Administration)
86-21-54051023 (Direct)
86-21-54043331 ext.212
5. Section Head (Trade Finance & Credit)
86-21-54042786 (Direct)
86-21-54043331 ext.324
6. Senior Assistant (Marketing)
86-21-54250763 (Direct)
86-21-54043331 ext.209
7. Supervisor (LC)
86-21-54043331 ext.318